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Solar Panels

Since 2009, at SYNTH3SIS we have installed over a 1,000,000 solar panels and more than 400 renewable energy systems on a variety of commercial projects.
We are one of the largest and longest East European standing construction Renewable Energy Systems specialists focusing on the installation of solar PV, wind, CSP,CHP and energy storage solutions.
Our strong qualified and professionally trained teams compose our core installation profile worldwide.
SYNTH3SI’S design team provides a complete service including consultancy, design, installation, maintenance and finance.
Our Renewable Energy services are designed to provide customers with state of the art energy solutions combined with continuous customer support and advice. In close contact with the client from the initial site assessment to the design and planning stages, to completion we ceaselessly monitor all design and construction stages to deliver the desirable result.Our close and strong relationships with the best material suppliers, our detailed quality design approach to material selection and installation together with top quality material selection provide the right system for the right project, ensuring high efficiencies are achieved.
SYNTH3SIS’S high knowledge and experience in the Renewable Energy Industry and the construction requirements, we understand the importance of the International and National Legislation and Standards for Health & Safety, Quality and Environmental restriction for the projects we design and deliver.


Our engineers can undertake ground site investigations of the subsurface conditions for the selection of the proper mounting structure and foundation type according to any requirements.


SYNTH3SIS is one of the main construction companies in Greece, as also in the wider Balkan region, that can undertake the placement of the support structure for solar panels.


Our team can undertake and deliver successfully all the phases of electrical works of a project. Our team has extensive experience in MW scale projects in several countries.

We strongly believe that

“Quality means whatever you produce will work as your customers expect”,

therefore we have developed and applied a comprehensive professional culture

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 system for our company and clients.

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Meet The Team

  • Michael Hamalakis
    Michael HamalakisCivil Engineer BSc,MSc,MICE
    Michael Hamalakis holds a degree in Civil engineering and has worked in various infrastructure projects in GREECE and abroad between 1998 and 2007.
    In 2007, together with his brother founded a Construction & Commercial company SYNTH3SIS in renewable energy systems, where currently holds a position of a CEO. As head of strategy and planning, he has implemented Energy systems in Greece,South Africa, England, Wales, Ireland of total capacity exceeding 270MW.
    Some of his core objectives are to penetrate new markets in Africa, Asia and Latin America.
  • George Hamalakis
    George HamalakisCivil Engineer BSc,MSc,DIC
    George Hamalakis is the Technical Director of SYNTH3SIS Ltd and one of the founders of the Commercial Construction Company Renewable Energy Systems SYNTH3SIS, in 2007.
    He has a tremendous experience to Renewable Energy and civil engineering projects (Geotechnical, Structural), having installed more than 270MW so far, and has managed, directed more than 300 energy/engineering projects.
    Since 2009, as the Director of the Technical Division of SYNTH3SIS George is responsible to manage, create and maintain the projects in a safe timely and sustainable manner.

SYNTH3SIS’s policy is to maintain the highest ethical standards and comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations. The following general rules apply to the implementation of this :